What got you into computers?

I've probably got that from my dad who liked working on electronics and taking them apart. I'm very similar to him to the point where I should've been named *insert dad's name here* II. My dad took his new green machine bigwheel apart when he was around the age I got my own computer to access the internet with! One of the first computers I vividly remember taking apart was a dead Toshiba Satellite from 1997, and I was about 7 years old at the time.

I've always liked computers my whole life, and my plans for the future changed throughout my childhood (4-17y/o). Part of it may have been that earlier on in my childhood, I witnessed replacements of a lot of old computers. I wanted to have those old computers as my own, but they needed to be sent back to the school district (elementary) or I was simply not allowed to mess around with them (home). Also, no one knew that I even liked old computers and such until I was like, 9. I probably missed out on a good amount of stuff back then, but now I don't really care.

As I got older, I still wanted to pursue my hobbies and even a future career with computer repair. I didn't have my own computer (that was usable) until I was 8. I didn't have my own desktop until I was 11, and I didn't use custom parts to build a computer until I was 12. I didn't know how to solder until I was 15, and I got a (cheap) hot air station at 16. Approaching my 20s in a couple of years, I hope to pursue in BGA repairs, but more importantly, I want to pursue in Computer Systems Design and Engineering. I've also gained an interest with security evaluations and networking. I've also learned about multimedia and how I can work with programs to make videos, or even use HTML to write a website like this!* Long story short, it went from playing Thinkin' Things Collection 2 on an eMac** to evaluating computers in a multitude of ways.

*-Admittedly, I used a web template from 2006 as a base to write this website.

**-I tried running it on similar machines, yet it ran way too fast. I'm not sure what my school got, but it must have been a revised version that added a speed cap.

How do you have all this?

It's complicated.

Mostly I got them passed down from family, from listings on eBay, peripherals from yard sales, school surplus sets, and from unexpected roadside finds. In the past year or 2, I also simply asked people (obviously when appropriate) if they had anything, and a good amount of stuff came from them too. Where I live, there aren't any notable recycling centers other than my city dump, which isn't a safe place... more on that later. I got very good use out of the ones I had initially, but I had the impulse to start collecting various systems which didn't always work. I recommend finding a non-government-run recycling center and asking them if they have anything you can pick up; most of the time, city dumps just hate you. Also, check your local auction sites! They could have something you're interested in for dirt cheap. You can also talk to your teachers from schools you went to and see if they have anything. I've personally made great friends with my middle school STC, who has given me a number of old business laptops, monitors, and desktops.

There was a massive influx of computers during late 2019 and early 2020, because I managed to get myself to the city dump. That turned out to backfire a couple of years later, but more on that later. I found a good amount of stuff from that place, and some of these things are still in use today! However, it was also a source of parts to fix my computers, and a source of a lot of failed builds. The problem? I live in a city where a metro is located. Said metro is quite a high-crime place at that. Turns out, the city dump was located in said metro as well. I usually went when they were closed, so no one was there. And when no one's there... someone could be. On March 20, 2022, my bike got stolen after I picked up a set of laptops not-so-destined for the scrapper; I locked it, and this diabolical person cut my lock off when I wasn't present.. Not to mention, I did not realize a corrections center was literally next door to that place! It'll suck that I can't go there without the potential risk of being taken advantage of, but in the long run it'll encourage me to be more aware of my surroundings when finding salvage electronics. Long story short, the city dump is now a no-go.

Model Acq. date CPU/RAM/HDD/OS/GPU Still have? Notes
Main computer build 10/30/2021 built 5800X/64GB/1TSSD+8THDD/10ENTERPRISE/3070 Yes Considering the amount of money I put into this one, I really hope I don't go into PC limbo again... UPDATE 9/11/2022: Switched cases with a server chassi from around 2007. Finally have optical drives and hot swap bays for testing disks. I don't care how old my computer looks, I care more about it working. Since around February 2023, I've upgraded this computer with a 5800X and 64GB of RAM just to have it last me longer. I know it's overkill but I generally like to have high-end hardware in case I indulge myself in something that requires a lot of headroom.
HP Pavilion zd7000A 2/7/2023 P4-3.0E/2GB/128GB/XP/X600 Yes A very rare variant of the Pavilion zd7000 which was a one-off to go with the zd8000. This had a 915 chipset and a Radeon X600 graphics chip, though it retains DDR1 memory and socket 478. The earlier zd7000s came with Radeon 9000 series graphics or more commonly, GeForce FX cards. This one's kind of a unicorn.
Tangent Vita 2200W (Clevo LV22C) 2/7/2023 Q6600/4GB/500GB/XP+7/X3100 Yes I use this as a reference machine for when I need to look something up while repairing a system, and I use it to test any piece of hardware that outputs via composite video. I don't need much as a result and to top it all off, it was new old stock. Did some upgrades to it and now it runs nicely for my needs.
Systemax Athlon/600 1/15/2023 Athlon600/384MB/??/??/RageIIc Yes I'm not sure what to use this computer for but if I can get an Athlon XP to work on its motherboard, I'd love to use it on my Pavilion 6642F.
Lenovo ThinkPad X200 1/15/2023 P8600/8GB/NONE/NONE/4500MHD Yes Yes, the typical FOSS enthusiast laptop. Oh dear.
Gateway 600YG2 1/3/2023 P4M-2GHz/1GB/80GB/WIN2K/R9000M Yes This has a 5:4 screen on it. Also one of the best feeling laptops I've ever laid my hands on... and it's a fucking GATEWAY.
Toshiba Satellite P15 1/3/2023 P4-3.0C/2GB/NONE/NONE/FX5200 Yes Still need to find a power cord for this one.
Sony VAIO PCG-K23 1/3/2023 P4-2.8C/1GB/80GB/XP2K3/IGP345M Yes Yes, I got the laptop I destroyed as a kid. Runs some wack ass version of Server 2003 called XP 2003, and it's... PACKED full of stuff. Laptop would work nicely with 2000 or 98 if I could get the drivers for it.
Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs 12/28/2022 603e/12MB/850MB/7.6.1/N-A Yes It's as bad as it looks, sounds, and FEELS. Mid 90's apple, amirite?
Macintosh PowerBook 520 12/28/2022 68LC040/??/??/??/N-A Yes I have 2 of these and I cannot test them at the moment.
DTK DEFT-865G, aka 'Airgetlam' 12/15/2022 P4-2.8C/2GB/120GB/WIN2K/FX5700LE Yes VERY cool, but runs hot. Also it was a pain in the ass to build.
2012 MacBook Pro 13" Non-retina 12/15/2022 2.5-i5/16GB/500GB/10.15.7/HD4K Yes I'm lucky to have a somewhat newer mac... especially with people designing jailbreak/exploit programs for older iPhones that only run on the NEWEST machines... UGH. You expect me to casually have an M2 MacBook Air and an iPhone 4S on the same setup? I don't mess with older iPhones anymore but it's nice to have an Intel mac that at least runs catalina.
Dell XPS 410 12/15/2022 Q6600/8GB/1THDDx2-250SSD/10LTSC/750TI Yes Hear me out, BTX had a reason to exist and now we need it back more than ever. I love this computer because it's well-made, and it was built here in the USA!
iMac 21.5" (2012) 11/30/2022 I actually don't care. No Why, Apple... why...
iMac G5 (Mid-2004 17") 11/20/2022 1.6G5/2GB/320GB/10.4.11/FX5200 No Sold.
Dell Inspiron N4010 (Black) 11/20/2022 i5-520M/8GB/1TB/NONE/GMA Yes --
Macintosh PowerBook G3 PDQ 11/09/2022 300-G3/256MB/6GB/OS9.2/N-A Yes Big thanks to EvieSigma for selling me this one. Unfortunately it needs quite a lot of work done to it before it is fully functional again.
HP 110-210 11/09/2022 A4-5000/4GB/500GB/8.1/HD8330 Yes A full-on minitower desktop computer with a board designed for some flex ATX/mini ITX slim PC that runs off an external power supply. What the hell...
Dell OptiPlex 330 10/26/2022 E2160/3GB/1TB/XP/GMA3100 Yes A family PC from years past. Yes, the damn thing has viruses on it, how could you tell??
Dell OptiPlex 330 10/26/2022 E2160/3GB/1TB/XP/GMA3100 Yes A family PC from years past. Yes, the damn thing has viruses on it, how could you tell??
iBook G4 (12" Mid05) 10/21/2022 1.33G4/1.5GB/128GB/SORBET/9500 Yes It's okay. I do prefer the PowerBook over this one.
Disney Netpal (ASUS EeePC MK90H) 10/19/2022 N270/1GB/160GB/XPHome/GMA950 Yes It's the Mickey Muse Laptp! Yeah, it's missing the "O" key. Totally didn't buy one of these because of MJD's video. Honestly I would have definitely owned one of these as a kid if I knew about it, especially considering it has a Cars theme on Disney Desktop. Like, come on... I know it's an okay movie but I loved it as a kid!
iMac (Rev. B) 9/29/2022 266G3/256MB/6GB/10.1.5+9.2.2/RageProTurbo Yes Got slightly damaged in shipping but fixed it. Debating on whether to sell the Rev A or this one.
iMac (USB 2.0 17") 9/28/2022 1.42G4/2GB/250GB/Sorbet/FX5200 Yes This one has seen better days. Managed to fix it, fortunately...
iMac (Rev. D Grape) 9/26/2022 400G3/256MB/40GB/10.3.9+9.2.2/RageProTurbo Yes One of my favorite apple computers. Yes, it doesn't have the fancy schmancy IRdA port or the mezzanine slot that were seen with the first 2 iMacs, but this one seems more refined than the Rev A iMac which had several power-related faults. This one has been overclocked to 400MHz from 333 and has basically been maxed out in terms of updated software. No, I will not put Tiger on a TL.
iMac DV (Summer 2000) 9/25/2022 600G3/1GB/80GB/10.4.11+9.2.2/Rage128Pro Yes Indigo is awesome. Yes, I could have got one of the more exotic colors but I couldn't because I was outbid at the last second on a Blue Dalmatian on eBay. I found this one locally and I'm still trying to figure out how to fix the overheating issues with the different cooling solution on this board. Maybe the Summer 01 board I have is defective since I have heard many other success stories with people putting 600MHz boards into 350 Indigos. Fun fact... this was once a 350 until the previous owner put a 500MHz Summer 2000 board in it. I am also thinking about getting a 7410 swapped in but my biggest gripe is the graphics performance between the 1999/2000 and the Summer 2001 models. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to upgrades...
HP Pavilion 15z-eh200 9/23/2022 5825U/32GB/1TB/11Home/RXVega8 Yes This machine is one hell of a laptop... as long as you have everything checked in HP's PC diagnostics. Or maybe it took a while for the system to break in since it was literally fresh off the assembly line when I got it? Also, would like to note the system can take 32GB of RAM but I am still uncertain about stability. So far since I ran the diagnostics and updated the "PC BIOS Firmware" which didn't update my BIOS that I already had updated earlier... it seems to be okay now.
Dell Inspiron 2200 9/17/2022 M-1.5/1.25GB/80GB/XPHome/GMA900 Yes Made my FYE masterpiece project on this computer. It's complete shit but it's honestly starting to grow on me.
iMac (Rev. A) 9/15/2022 233G3/32MB/4GB/8.1/RageIIc Yes The computer that got Apple back on its feet. I know one person said the G3 AIO should have saved Apple, but what the hell kind of inexperienced computer user would want THAT? This machine pushed new technologies that would later become the forefront of peripherals and mobile devices; USB. Also, it ditched the floppy drive. At some point it would show 1.44MB would not be enough. Back to my Rev A... It's not in the best of shape but it is 25 years old (give or take a year) so it's not going to be immaculate. I had to replace the flyback transformer (thanks Technotronic Dimensions!) and the CRT (Thanks ill-fated 5210!). Machine is near perfect with picture quality now.
iMac DV (Summer 2000) 9/11/2022 500G3/512MB/40GB/10.3.9/R128PRO4XL Yes One of several G3s I got to look at. PAV board is not doing too well due to slight image distortion, but other than that it works. My biggest gripe with ALL of these G3s? People sell them for WAY too much. Did I also mention I swapped the grape color assets to this machine from the ill fated iMac I found in a store fire?
HP Pavilion 6642F 9/10/2022 Cel-1.1/512MB/80GB/XP/FX5200 Yes Got the whole set with this one, sans recovery disks if this even came with them. Apparently this was one of several models that PeoplePC and Ford Motor Company gave out to Ford Employees for their hard work building moderately okay cars (which are still WAY better than the CRAP GM makes...) I was sold this computer at my neighborhood yard sales for $20 and I couldn't pass it up; even if it's a very boring, low-end system from the time... I managed to slap a board in from an XE793 that a friend gave me and got a 1.1GHz Celeron in it! I also put in an FX 5200 card (I know, it's crap but it's what I have...), an ethernet card, and crammed in a 250W Power Supply. Put XP on it for fun just to see what it would have been like if someone had this machine back in 2004 and got an upgrade copy of XP. Doesn't run well but it doesn't run like shit either.
Acer Aspire A515 8/3/2022 1135G7/12GB/1TB/10HOME/IRISXE No Sold on eBay after I bought my 15z-eh200.
Dell Inspiron 5565 7/31/2022 FX-9800P/16GB/500GB/10HOME/R7M440 Yes yeah
HP Pavilion zv6209us 7/16/2022 4000+/2GB/256GB/XPMCE/RXP200M Yes Was going to get a zv6 but I was suddenly reminded to because a friend posted about theirs. Glad I did before this reaches LGR or something in which prices will increase tenfold... This is also my 200th computer to date. I don't have 200 computers, but have had 200 computers counting ones I have and don't have.
HP Pavilion a6330f 7/10/2022 Q9550/8GB/500GB/7ULT/8800GT Yes Recovery disc images located here. Glad to have another working a6000 as I grew up with seeing one... At some point in December 2022 I upgraded this with parts from an HP Pro 3000. Shortly after, the hard drive failed. Not sure what to do with this now as the only redeeming factor of this machine is the capture card.
Acer Extensa 5620 6/26/2022 T5550/2GB/80GB/XPPRO/X3100 Yes Acer, you make me SAD when I see no MXM slot. I'm going to have to track one down with an MXM slot now... ugh!
HP ProBook 6450b 6/26/2022 i7-620M/8GB/240GB/7PRO/HD1K No eBay'd.
Dell OptiPlex 390 6/25/2022 i5-2400S/16GB/NONE/NONE/R7-250 Yes Was going to put this in my room until I remembered my HP AIO existed.
Dell Latitude 3540 6/25/2022 i3-4010U/4GB/500GB/7PRO/HD4400 No Sold.
Dell Vostro 1520 6/25/2022 P8800/4GB/NONE/NONE/4500MHD Yes Was going to fix this one until I ended up fixing my 6450b instead.
Dell Vostro 1520 6/25/2022 T6670/2GB/80GB/7PRO/4500MHD Yes Why does this have an LED screen yet my T400 does NOT? Ugh.
Dell Latitude D630 6/25/2022 T7100/2GB/80GB/XPPRO/X3100 Yes Another for the projects. Again.
Dell Latitude D630 6/25/2022 T7100/2GB/80GB/XPPRO/X3100 Yes Another for the projects.
AcerPower FH #2 6/25/2022 E2160/2GB/160GB/7PRO/GMA3000 No Salvaged. Trashed.
AcerPower FH 6/25/2022 E6400/2GB/250GB/2000PRO/GF6800 No Salvaged. Trashed.
HP EliteBook 2740p 6/4/2022 i5-M540/NONE/NONE/NONE/HD1K Yes Parts laptop. Since the X201t started acting up, I MAY try fixing this one?
IBM ThinkPad X61s 6/4/2022 L7500/4GB/160GB/VISTA/X3100 Yes Sent my way from a friend, along with a junk 2740p. Thank you!
Lenovo ThinkPad X201t 6/4/2022 i5-560M/8GB/500GB/10PRO/HD1K No Sold. Nothing will beat my TC4400 after all.
Compaq Presario SR5123WM 6/1/2022 N/A No Salvaged and scrapped.
PowerMac G5 (Mid-2003) 5/26/2022 2.0DP-G5/8GB/240SSD+1THDD/SORBET/R9600 Yes My high school grad gift. It's wonderful!
Toshiba Tecra A9-S9021V 5/11/2022 T9300/4GB/250GB/VISTA/NVS130M No Ever just think about poor execution? This is one example.
Macintosh Performa 5210CD 5/10/2022 603-75/16MB/4.3GB/NONE/N-A No Imported from japan, and the plastics got completely totaled when it got to my house. Thanks a lot, FedEx. Got a refund for the item in full and then decided to part it out because it was too much work to keep it intact. The CRT at least made its way into an iMac G3 to replace a worn out one.
Toshiba Satellite 2135CS 4/29/2022 486-75/8MB/520MB/Win95/??? No time... i do not have
Compaq Presario 12XL400 4/20/2022 1GHz P3/40GB/320MB/98SE+2K/TRIDENT No Ditched this one. It's just too AWFUL. Thanks to a friend for passing the curse, I guess.
HP Compaq 2710p #2 4/12/2022 1.6GHz C2D/4GB/256GB/7PRO/X3100 Yes h
iBook G3 (Mid-2002 12"), modded clear 4/13/2022 600MHz G3/640MB/40GB/9.2+10.3/RADEON Yes Poor job. Sorry.
iBook G3 (Mid-2002 12") 4/13/2022 600MHz G3/256MB/40GB/9.2/RADEON No Sent to a friend.
iBook G4 (Mid 2004 12") 4/4/2022 1.2GHz(OC fr. 1.07) G4/1.25GB/128GB/SORBET/9200 Yes From a fellow friend. Thank you!
Macintosh Performa 6360 3/23/2022 300MHz G3/136MB/10GB/OS9.1/N-A Yes Sonnet Crescendo/L2!
iMac G5 20" iSight 3/23/2022 2.1GHz G5/4.5GB/750GB/10.4+SORBET/X600 Yes I sure hope it doesn't die.
Dell Inspiron 1526 3/24/2022 2GHz TL60/2GB/160GB/VISTA/RXP1270 Yes Not turning on? Replace the CR2032. Not kidding.
MacBook Pro (Early 2011) 3/24/2022 N/A Yes Used to fix another.
Acer Aspire 5920 (non-working) 3/24/2022 NONE/NONE/NONE/NONE/X3100 No Also horrendous.
Toshiba Satellite A25 (broken) 3/20/2022 2.66GHz P4/256MB/60GB/XP/CYBERXP No Used it to salvage parts. Too far gone with motherboard wear.
Dell Latitude E5500 3/20/2022 2.53GHz C2D/4GB/320GB/7PRO/4500MHD No Horrendous.
Dell Latitude 5590 3/20/2022 N/A Yes Simply exists. Needs a new battery and an SSD, and I may just sell this one to save up for something newer.
Dell Latitude 5580 3/20/2022 6200U/8GB/256GB/10PRO/UHD620 (plan) Yes Needs battery and SSD. Base model. Plan to sell.
Dell Latitude 5290 2in1 (noKB) 3/20/2022 8350U/8GB/256GB/10PRO/UHD620 Yes No keyboard, works like a charm though!
Dell Latitude 5290 2in1 (noKB) 3/20/2022 8350U/8GB/NONE/NONE/UHD620 Yes No keyboard. Damage to shell. Still works if you're patient.
Dell Latitude 7275 2in1 (noKB) 3/20/2022 6Y65/8GB/NONE/NONE/UHD620 No Sold its motherboard.
Dell Latitude 7275 2in1 (noKB) 3/20/2022 6Y65/8GB/128GB/10PRO/UHD620 Yes No keyboard. Plan to sell. Has 4K display. Excellent battery!
Dell Latitude 7275 2in1 (noKB) 3/20/2022 6Y65/8GB/NONE/NONE/UHD620 Yes No keyboard. No SSD. Plan to sell. Has 4K display. Excellent battery!
HP Compaq 8300 All-in-One 3/13/2022 3770/16GB/500GB/10PRO/R7650 (plan) Yes dGPU upgrade planned. Plan to sell.
iMac G4 15" (Early 2002) 2/27/2022 800MHz G4/1GB/80GB/9.2+10.4/2MX No Sold.
Sony VAIO VPCF-115FM 2/27/2022 820QM/6GB/320GB/7PRO/GT330M Yes Plan to sell for parts only. Broken WiFi switch.
Dell XPS 720 2/20/2022 Q9550/8GB/1+1+2+2TB/7ULT/GTX260x2 Yes A cumbersome bastard. I still have it.
Dell Latitude D830 2/17/2022 T7100/2GB/80GB/VISTA/X3100 No Scrapped.
Gateway 3560 2/14/2022 735A/512MB/60GB/XP/82855 No Scrapped.
In-Win S564 chassi, custom 975X 2/13/2022 Q6700/4GB/1TB/XP+VISTA/R4870 Yes I need to put this to use.
HP Pavilion zd8000 1 2/8/2022 P4-650/2.5GB/240GB/VISTA/X600 Yes Whitelist-free BIOS. 256MB X600 card. WSXGA+. Runs hot (duh!).
HP Pavilion zd8000 2 2/8/2022 P4-650/2.5GB/NONE/NONE/X600 No Sent to a friend.
HP Pavilion zd8000 3 2/8/2022 P4-650/1GB/NONE/NONE/X600 Yes Needs HDD... also possible refurbs
Dell Latitude D820 2/7/2022 T7600/4GB/120GB/7PRO/QFX120M Yes Faulty graphics chip. May not keep this one.
HP Compaq nx9600 1/12/2022 P4-630/2GB/80GB/XP/X300 Yes Exists.
Dell Latitude E6420 1/2/2022 2640M/8GB/500GB/7PRO/NVS3100M Yes Might sell this one. Has the nVidia chip.
MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2012 1/2/2022 2.3GHz i7/8GB/256GB/10.15.7/GT650M No Sold.
Macintosh PowerBook 145B 1/2/2022 68030/???/80MB DEAD/???/N-A No Damaged. Still have its motherboard but I will need another parts unit.
MacBook Pro 13" Early 2011 1/2/2022 2.7GHz i7/NONE/NONE/NONE/HD3K No Sold and then suddenly ran into a joblot of parts from old 2012 MBPs in December 2022. That was fast.
iMac (Late 1999, Grape) 12/27/2021 400MHz G3/128MB/6GB/OS9.1/R128 No Internals damaged badly in a fire and by water. Case was swapped onto a known working 500MHz iMac, even with the glossy trim of later models.
HP Pavilion ze5700 12/24/2021 2.8GHz P4/1GB/80GB/2000PRO/IGP340M No Not worth trying to save that one.
Toshiba Qosmio G25 12/10/2021 M-760/2GB/NONE/NONE/6600GT No Scrapped.
Alienware M5500 12/10/2021 M-760/2GB/NONE/NONE/NONE Yes Terrible shape.
HP Pavilion tx2000 12/10/2021 TL62/2GB/NONE/NONE/6150SE No Fuck this computer. "Jokes" aside, it never worked.
Compaq Presario V2000 12/10/2021 ML-34/2GB/NONE/NONE/RXP200M Yes Formerly owned by a Mercedes dealership! It's ironic considering they sell expensive cars yet they had to use entry-level laptops...
HP Pavilion dm1 12/10/2021 NeoK125/3GB/250GB/7HP/R4200 No Wasn't worth trying to fix.
Sony VAIO PCG-K23 12/10/2021 3.2P4-E/1GB/80GB/XP/IGP340M Yes R0108X3. Prescott CPU upgrade. Very loud.
HP Compaq dc5800MT 12/8/2021 Q9550/8GB/1TBx2/XP+VISTA/GTX650 Yes Motherboard replaced.
HP ProBook 6550b #1 12/8/2021 i5-520M/4GB/320GB/VISTA/HD1K Yes Exists.
HP ProBook 6550b #2 12/8/2021 i3-???/2GB/160GB/VISTA/HD1K Yes Haven't looked at this one in detail yet.
HP ProBook 6560b 12/8/2021 2520M/NONE/NONE/NONE/HD3K Yes In pieces. Lost the screws.
Dell Wyse 5010 12/8/2021 G-T48E/4GB/128GB/XP/R6250 Yes Underrated light XP box. Don't @ me.
ASUS Q500A 11/21/2021 i7-3610QM/8GB/500GB/10PRO/HD4K No Sold for a lowballed price of $15! Oh well, I got it for free after all so I can't complain.
iMac G4 15" Early 2002 11/4/2021 900MHz G4/1GB/80GB/9.2+10.4/2MX Yes 800MHz board overclocked to 900MHz.
PowerBook G4 DLSD 15" 10/25/2021 1.67GHz G4/2GB/128GB/SORBET/R9700M Yes Mwah~! I fucking love this one.
PowerMac G4 QuickSilver 10/24/2021 733MHz G4/128MB/NONE/NONE/2MX No Used for parts. Recycled the case as I didn't have space.
2012 MacBook Pro 13" 10/24/2021 2.5GHz i5/16GB/512GB/10.15.7/HD4K No Sold.
Gateway MD7820U 10/24/2021 2.66GHz C2D/4GB/320GB/VISTA/4500MHD No Scrapped.
Acer Aspire A315-51 10/24/2021 7200U/12GB/250GB/10Pro/UHD620 Yes missing screen
MacBook Pro 15" (Early 2008) 10/17/2021 T8300/2GB/NONE/NONE/8600MGT-OLD No Dead GPU. Not surprised about it...
Dell Inspiron 1720 10/17/2021 T7500/4GB/320GB/VISTA/X3100 No Dead. Gone.
PowerMac G4 QuickSilver 2002 10/15/2021 1.07GHzDPG4/1.5GB/160GB/9.2+SORBET/R9000PRO Yes Originally an 800MHz Single unit. Runs a 1GHz G4 card with a slight bump to 1.07. Thanks to EvieSigma for providing me with the heatsink and the card.
eMac (ATI Graphics) 10/14/2021 1GHz G4/1GB/160GB/9.2+10.4/R7500 Yes Plan to overclock to 1.33GHz.
eMac (USB 2.0) 10/7/2021 1.67GHz G4/2GB/250GB/9.2+SORBET/R9200 Yes Elusive 2005 education motherboard. Used to be an early production 2004 eMac until I found the EE board again. 1.25GHz 7447B overclocked to 1.67 without a single vcore increase in sight.
Dell OptiPlex GX620 9/26/2021 BAREBONES No Traded along with 2 dell LCDs for an XPS 720. Worth it.
Dell Latitude D600 #2 9/22/2021 M-1.8/2GB/NONE/NONE/R9000M Yes Thanks to a fellow friend for sending me this! Doesn't have a hard drive at the moment. Had the SXGA+ screen, but that was swapped into a T60. Even then, it's still a great laptop and I have 98SE and 2000 planned for it.
HP Pavilion e9300z 9/08/2021 PhII955/16GB/500SSD+3THDD/VISTA/750TI No Parted out. Got rid of the case.
Compaq Presario CQ56 7/4/2021 T8300/2GB/160GB/7PRO/4500MHD No Given to a friend.
Dell Inspiron "9500" 6/20/2021 T9300/6GB/240GB/7ULT/FX3600M Yes Upgraded with a Precision M6300 base. Runs excellently.
Dell Inspiron E1705 6/15/2021 T7400/NONE/NONE/NONE/7900GTX No Reserved for a friend of mine who is upgrading their E1705.
Toshiba Satellite A355 6/15/2021 T6400/2GB/120GB/VISTA/4500MHD No Given to a friend.
Custom 1999 beige box 6/15/2021 Cel550/384MB/20GBx2/2000+98SE/R128PRO Yes Wonderful machine for DOS and 98. Also runs 2000 nicely; it had NT4.0 before but it kept giving me issues.
Alienware P1 5/24/2021 CASE ONLY at the moment Yes Originally came with a P4/3.6, AA8XE, and a depressing 9400GT. Went through a couple of swaps to an AM2 board. Not sure what I plan for it next.
Dell Inspiron 530s 5/14/2021 E8500/4GB/500GB/VISTA/GT710 No Gone.
Dell Latitude E5440 #2 4/26/2021 4310U/8GB/256GB/10PRO/HD4400 No Given to a friend.
HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 CTO 4/5/2021 3630QM/8GB/240GB+1THDD/10PRO/GT650M+HD4K Yes Might sell this one. One of the few of its kind, too.
HP EliteBook 8570p #2 4/5/2021 3610QM/8GB/500GB/VISTA/7650M No ATI chip failed. Ended up gutting this one.
IBM ThinkPad T22 4/5/2021 900MHzP3m/256MB/20GB/2000PRO/INTEL No Did not turn on anymore. Gutted.
IBM ThinkPad X61t 4/5/2021 L7700/4GB/80GB/VISTA/X3100 No Suffered from screen adhesive leakage and a CMOS battery leak. Must have been stored in terrible conditions beforehand.
Dell Latitude E5440 4/5/2021 4030U/4GB/500GB/8PRO/HD4400 No Salvaged.
Mac Pro (Early 2008) 3/14/2021 3GHz-8CX/32GB/NONE/NONE/GTX680 Yes I need to get off of my ass and fix this one AGAIN.
HP Pavilion dv9000 #2 3/14/2021 1.8-ATHm/1GB/60GB/VISTA/6150SE No Parted out as soon as I got it.
Toshiba Satellite L655 (AMD) 3/14/2021 ???/2GB/NONE/NONE/R4200M No Parted out as soon as I got it.
2007 MacBook Pro 2.2GHz 15" 2/7/2021 T7500/2GB/NONE/NONE/8600MGT-REV No Sold.
Dell Inspiron 1525 2/7/2021 T6400/2GB/500GB/VISTA/X3100 No Parted out.
HP Pavilion ze4200 2/7/2021 P4m2.2GHz/1GB/80GB/2000PRO/IGP340M Yes Upgraded from a Celeron 1.7. Underrated laptop for 2000 despite the crappy CPU.
HP Pavilion zv5000 1/31/2021 P4-2.8C/2GB/80GB/XP/R9000IGP No Graphics failure.
HP Compaq 8200 USDT 1/31/2021 2400S/4GB/320GB/???/HD3K No Did not turn on. Parted out.
Dell Inspiron 1501 1/24/2021 TL62/4GB/250GB/VISTA/RXP1150M Yes Graphics problem.
HP Pavilion m8000 1/24/2021 64X2-5600+/8GB/1TB/VISTA No Parted out.
Cooler Master 330(???) case 1/17/2021 NONE/NONE/NONE/NONE/NONE No Went through a few temperamental systems in this case. Not worth talking about.
HP Pavilion a6700y 1/10/2021 Build planned No Sent it to the trash heap.
HP Pavilion a1600n 1/3/2021 3800+/1GB/80GB/XP/6150SE No Fell off my bike during the ride back home and damaged some plastics. Ended up using it for another a1000 I also no longer have.
Sony VAIO VGN-FS660/W 12/27/2020 M-740/2GB/80GB/XP/GF6200 No Forgot the exact model but it was something along those lines. Ended up using it for parts as it barely worked.
Dell Studio 1555 12/13/2020 T6400/2GB/500GB/7HP/4500MHD No Parted out.
HP Stream 11 12/13/2020 N2840/2GB/32GB/10HOME/BT No Straight up recycled after diagnosis. Also lives on as a joke.
Macintosh PowerBook G3 PDQ 12/6/2020 266MHz G3/32MB/4GB/8.1/N-A No Sold.
Dell Inspiron 5150 #2 12/6/2020 mP4-3.06HT/2GB/80GB/XP/FX5200 No Just as bad as the last one.
Toshiba T1000XE #2 12/6/2020 8086/640K/20MB/???/N-A No Unable to restore. Solder joints wouldn't melt to replace capacitors. Parts were impossible to find.
Toshiba T1000XE #1 11/29/2020 8086/640K/20MB/???/N-A No Unable to restore. Solder joints wouldn't melt to replace capacitors. Parts were impossible to find.
Dell Studio 540 11/29/2020 Q9550/8GB/1TB/7PRO/750TI No Consolidated into a better machine down the line.
Dell Inspiron 6400 11/8/2020 T7400/4GB/500GB/VISTA/X1400 Yes Rebuilt with a GMA E1505's parts.
HP Compaq nx9500 11/8/2020 P4HT-3.2E/2GB/NONE/NONE/FX5700LE Yes Needs work. 1680x1050 LCD swapped in
Lenovo ThinkPad T530 11/8/2020 3632QM/8GB/256GB/10PRO/HD4K No Sold.
Sony VAIO PCG-K37 11/1/2020 mP4HT538/1GB/80GB/XP/IGP340M No Parted out and eventually succeeded by the PCG-K23 a little over a year later.
Lenovo ThinkPad W510 11/1/2020 820QM/8GB/500GB/7PRO/FX770M No Ultimately failed due to a bad NEC/TOKIN cap. Failed attempt at replacing it.
IBM ThinkPad T60 11/1/2020 T7200/3GB/NONE/NONE/X1300 Yes SXGA+ panel swapped in. One of the nicer-made T60s, too!
Dell Dimension 4600 11/1/2020 P4HT-2.8/2GB/160GB/XP/FX5200 No Parted out.
Dell Inspiron E1505 11/1/2020 T2300/1GB/NONE/NONE/GMA950 No Parted out for an ATI Inspiron 6400.
HP Compaq 8510w 10/18/2020 T8300/6GB/120GB/VISTA/FX570M No Died a slow and painful death. Hell, it even had a WUXGA panel!!
Asus Q400 10/18/2020 3632QM/NONE/NONE/NONE/HD4K No Consolidated into a T530 which I sold.
Acer Aspire R5-571TG 10/18/2020 6600U?/4GB/NONE/NONE/GTX940M No Wasn't able to fix due to an internal wiring break... somewhere.
Toshiba Satellite M645 10/4/2020 i5-2.4/4GB/500GB/7HP/GF310M Yes I had to spend $30 for a fucking hard drive door.
Lenovo ThinkPad T410 10/4/2020 i5-2.4/4GB/320GB/7PRO/HD1K No Scrapped
Macintosh Performa 475 9/20/2020 68040-33/8MB/NONE/NONE/N-A Yes Honestly a favorite of mine. Pair with an old office CRT and call it a day! :)
IBM ThinkPad T42"p" 9/20/2020 M-755/2GB/128GB/XP/FIREGL-T2 No Swapped with a T42p board. No longer works, parted out.
MacBook (Late 2006) 9/20/2020 T7200/2GB/80GB/10.5/GMA950 No Was in horrible shape. Parted out.
Dell Latitude CPi/A366XT 8/23/2020 mPII-366/128MB/20GB/98SE/NM2200 Yes Misplaced CD-ROM drive during disassembly. :^)
Compaq Presario 1200(???) 8/23/2020 K6-2-450/64MB/6GB/98SE/TRIDENT No Parted out after hinges snapped. Computer also stopped working prior to that.
Toshiba Satellite L745 8/23/2020 2520M/4GB/500GB/10PRO/HD3K No Sold.
MacBook Pro (Early 2015) 15" 8/16/2020 47??HQ/16GB/128GB/10.11.5/IRIS No Sold. Broken screen.
PowerMac G5 (Late 2005) 8/9/2020 2.3DC/16GB/1TB/10.5+10.4/6600GT No CHECKSTOP, which means the CPU/board locked up. Northbridge literally pissed itself. I still mourn to this day!
iBook G3 (Tangerine) 8/9/2020 433MHz G3/288MB/40GB/9.2/RAGE No One of my most regrettable computers I sold. It was sold along with my 1.8SP G5 for merely $40... for both. Really should've held onto that one. It also got to 433MHz via overclocking.
PowerBook G4 (2004) 15" 8/9/2020 1.67GHz G4/2GB/250GB/10.5/R9700M-128 Yes One of the last A1095s from the assembly line before the A1106 was in. Got it to 1.67GHz. Screen is yellowed as all hell and the keyboard smells like the iBOok keyboards.
Lenovo ThinkPad T440p 7/23/2020 4710MQ/16GB/1TB/10PRO/HD4600 No In the process of selling it to my grandfather. Was a great laptop, but it's time to move on. Also has a T450 touchpad swapped on it.
MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) 15" 7/19/2020 520M/8GB/250GB/10.13.6/GT330M Yes The first solder-involved MacBook repair subject. Had the dGPU switcher cap replaced and it still works great to this day!
MacBook Pro (Early 2013) 13" 7/19/2020 ???/8GB/NONE/NONE/HD4K No Bad memory chips. Parted out.
HP Pavilion dv9000 7/19/2020 TL62/2GB/200GB/VISTA/6150SE No Graphics failure. Parted out.
Dell Vostro 1014 7/5/2020 T6400/2GB/NONE/NONE/4500MHD No Had a chinese keyboard, and even a plug! It was even an N series laptop, meaning it didn't have a Windows license. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.
HP Pavilion dv7 7/19/2020 3610QM/8GB/750GB/7HP/HD4K No Motherboard issue. Parted out.
Dell Vostro 1015 7/5/2020 T6400/2GB/NONE/NONE/4500MHD No Motherboard issue. Parted out.
iMac G5 17" iSight 6/21/2020 1.9GHz G5/2.5GB/400GB/10.5/X600 No Pulled a Kanade Amou; Never got a good chance and died too early.
Lenovo ThinkPad T510 6/21/2020 ??? Yes Anyone need a craptop that I don't have the charger to?
Dell Latitude E6420 6/21/2020 2520M/4GB/250GB/10PRO/NVS4200M No Sold.
HP Pavilion XT858 6/15/2020 P3-1GHz/1GB/80GB/MILLENNIUM/FX5200PCI No Motherboard failed. Ended up parting this one out and recycling any bad parts.
Lenovo 3000-C200 6/14/2020 T2300/2GB/120GB/XP/GMA950 No Motherboard failed. Ended up parting this one out and recycling any bad parts.
Toshiba Satellite L655 (Intel) 5/24/2020 P6200/2GB/160GB/10PRO/HD1K No Used as an AltStore server once when I got it. Ended up getting rid of it once I got an Android phone.
CLEVO W370(??) 5/24/2020 3630QM/12GB/120GB/7ULT/GTX660M No Screen defective. Ended up parting this one out once I got another Ivy Bridge laptop to swap parts into.
HP Pavilion 513c 5/10/2020 P4-2.66/512MB/80GB/98SE/R9550 No Swapped parts from another HP on the dump site. Unfortunately had to get rid of it due to space constraints; it was a nice machine.
HP EliteBook 8570p 4/19/2020 3630QM/16GB/750GB/10PRO/R7650M No Sold.
HP Pavilion dv1000 4/5/2020 T1350/1GB/80GB/VISTA/GMA950 No Parted out. Died.
Dell Inspiron 5150 4/5/2020 mP4-2.8HT/768MB/40GB/XP/FX5200 No Parted out. Died. Safe to say I'll just avoid these things.
IBM ThinkPad T42p 3/29/2020 M-755/2GB/250GB/VISTA5259/FIREGL-T2 No Board was used in the T42"p". This was an unfortunate case... a UXGA screen which was completely unusable.
HP Pavilion dv6000 SE 3/29/2020 T7700/4GB/500GB/7HP/8400MGS No Sold, also regrettably.
Lenovo ThinkPad T420s 3/27/2020 2540M/8GB/500GB/ARCH/HD3K No Literally died in its sleep.
Custom no-name black ATX PC 3/22/2020 N/A No My main was in here ONCE back when I had component issues. Needless to say it was absolutely frail, and wasn't worth keeping. Had a 754 system in it initially.
Dell Latitude D600 3/22/2020 ???/512MB/40GB/???/R9000M No Dead on arrival. Scrapped. A year and a half later, I would get a working example.
Mac Pro (2006) 3/15/2020 X5355-8CX/32GB/???/10.11.6/GTX650 No 32-bit EFI mac, so you know how it went. The PSU also blew up and I had to scrap it out. Replaced a year later with a 2008 Mac Pro, which is a multitude BETTER than this hunk of crap.
Power Macintosh 7300/200 3/8/2020 200-604e/208MB/36GB/9.1/N-A No Didn't have time to do a successful recap and the PSU failed along the way. Ultimately had to get rid of it, but kept the essentials.
IBM ThinkPad 600 3/8/2020 PII-233/NONE/NONE/NONE/NM??? No --
PowerMac G4 MDD 2002 3/1/2020 1.5SP/2GB/160GBx2/10.5/R9600 No One of the first ones that were made. The 1.25GHz DP card died, and it was obvious; this had a tough life. Unfortunately, it's gone now yet I still have the... mirrored drive doors.
iBook G3 Blueberry 2/23/2020 433MHz G3/160MB/30GB/9.2/RAGE Yes Hacked a newer style barrel jack onto it. CPU overclocked to 433MHz. Definitely a keeper for me, even if I think it looks hideous.
Compaq Presario 12XL310 2/23/2020 600MHz Cel/192MB/20GB/2000PRO/CYBERXP No Exact spec of the one I had 9 years prior. Suffered the exact same fate, too.
iMac (Early 2006) 17" 2/16/2020 T7600/3GB/500GB/10.6/X1600 No Heavily used beforehand. One of the many systems my T7600 went into.
"ITS FUCKING BLUE" 2/9/2020 754 AMD system intially No A shoddy translucent blue case that meant to "compliment" the old G3 PowerMacs. It looked better, but it was built like shit. Wish I'd kept it, but it wasn't worth it in the long run. Forgot the exact model of it, too. All I know is that it was an ATX case and it was all translucent blue. And it was built like shit.
MacBook (Early 2008) 2/2/2020 T8100/2GB/120GB/???/X3100 No Used for parts.
MacBook Pro (Early 2007) 2/2/2020 T7700/4GB/120GB/???/8600MGT-OLD No Used for parts.
IBM ThinkPad T21 2/2/2020 P3m-800/256MB/20GB/OS2/??? No Died. Parted out and recycled.
PowerBook G4 12" (Early 2005) 1/26/2020 1.5GHz G4/768MB/100GB/DEB8/FX5200 No Someone RIPPED the hard drive out of this thing. As a result, it didn't really hold up for long. Not even the reed switch worked properly.
Dell Latitude D610 #2 1/26/2020 M-1.73/1GB/60GB/XP/GMA900 No Used for parts to fix D610 #1.
Dell Latitude E6500 1/26/2020 P8400/4GB/500GB/10PRO/NVIDIA?? No Sold. Fun fact: when I initially found this laptop, I nicknamed it the "Blue's Clues" edition, simply because it was blue. I haven't seen one of these Latitudes in a color other than gray before. Fun fact 2: I was one of the first people to test the newly-leaked Windows 8 build 7746, and this was the laptop I used.
"The Beige Box" 1/19/2020 XP3200+/3GB/120GB/98SE+2000PRO/R9600 (plan) Yes The first beige box in my possession since many years past, which is an AOpen case of sorts. I put an 1800X in here at some point, but the board died. Thus, the component trips (2020-2021) were born! Now I plan for it to be a nice 462 machine. Unfortunately, while seemingly better, my 865 board with a 3.2GHz Northwood can't load 98SE.
Dell Latitude D630 1/12/2020 T7500/4GB/240GB/VISTA/X3100 Yes For some reason I didn't like this thing at first. Probably because it has a merom chip that runs hotter than the sun. Put a Penryn chip in and it's actually a pretty neat machine.
Dell Latitude D610 1/12/2020 M-"780"/2GB/NONE/NONE/GMA900 No Scrapped.
Lenovo ThinkPad T60 1/12/2020 T2400/512MB/60GB/XP/GMA950 No Died as soon as I put a T7400 in. Still not sure why.
IBM ThinkPad R31 1/12/2020 P3m-1.13/???/???/2000PRO/INTEL No h
HP EliteBook 8470p 1/5/2020 3310M/8GB/500GB/ARCH/HD4K No Sold.
PowerMac G4 Cube 12/25/2019 500MHz G4/1GB/80GB/9.2+10.4/R7500 Yes Found September 2019 with the remains of an electronics store fire. Brought home 12/25/2019 during a christmas party. Luckily still works, and I will hold onto it for dear life.
PowerBook 5300c 12/25/2019 117MHz603e/40MB/3GB/7.5.3/N-A No Given to me at a christmas party, despite not being wrapped. Screen broke during a rearrangement several months back, and I parted it out. The machine also no longer turned on. Not surprising, considering what this computer is. CPU was overclocked to 117MHz and it worked fine until that rearrangement where I brought it out again to find that it didn't work.
MacBook (Early 2008) Black 12/6/2019 T8300/4GB/???/10.6/X3100 Yes I didn't have to pay Apple's "black tax" to get this. Hell, I paid nothing for it.
HP Pavilion ???? 12/6/2019 7100U?/8GB/500GB/10HOME/UHD620 No I don't remember too much about this one other than it having a motherboard failure at some point.
Toshiba Satellite A205 11/24/2019 TL54/1GB/NONE/NONE/RXP1150M No Donated to my high school's A+ class.
HP Pavilion dv6000 11/24/2019 T5550/2GB/160GB/VISTA/X3100 No Used to fix the other dv6000 down the line.
Lenovo ThinkPad T400 11/10/2019 T9400/8GB/256GB/ARCH/4500MHD Yes This got me through a good chunk of Sophomore year. Thinking of selling it with Libreboot, just so it fetches for more.
PowerMac G5 (Mid 2003) 11/3/2019 1.8SP/8GB/1TB/10.5+10.4 No Sold and consolidated into the Late05, which broke. On a side note, it's hard to believe these computers are turning 20 soon.
Dell Inspiron 1545 11/3/2019 T4200/2GB/160GB/VISTA/4500MHD No Ultimately didn't give a shit.
HP Pavilion dv4 10/27/2019 P8400/4GB/500GB/7ULT/4500MHD No Never really took flight because it was missing too many parts. Scrapped it and inscribed a resounding "NO" onto the screen lens.
Sony VAIO VGN-FS760/W 10/4/2019 M-750/2GB/100GB/XP/GF6400 No Really should have held onto this one for the FS660. Found at the remains of a burnt-out electronics store.
PowerBook G4 17" (Mid 2003) 10/4/2019 1.33GHz G4/2GB/80GB/10.5/R9600M No This one got really disgusting, so I parted it out. Found at the remains of a burnt-out electronics store.
iMac G4 20" (Late 2003) 10/4/2019 1.25GHz G4/1GB/80GB/10.4 No Screen cracked due to prior damage. Stopped working entirely and parted out. Found at the remains of a burnt-out electronics store.
Macintosh Classic M0420 10/11/2019 68000/4MB/40MB/???/N-A No Parted out to fix the M1420 Macintosh Classic. Found at the remains of a burnt-out electronics store.
iMac G3/700 9/16/2019 700MHz G3/512MB/40GB/9.2/R128PRO No Replaced! :)
iMac (Late 2006) 24" 9/9/2019 T7400/3GB/500GB/10.6/7300GT No Half of the CFL lamps knocked out in the LCD. Didn't work correctly either way. First find at the city dump.

Beyond this point, my memory gets super flaky. However, that doesn't mean it ends there. Some of these I actually remember pretty well!

Model Acq. date CPU/RAM/HDD/OS/GPU Still have? Notes
eMac (2005) 10/17/2018 1.92GHz G4/2GB/320GB/10.5+10.4/R9600 Yes This machine I've had for ages. It was passed down to me from my grandfather (mom's side).
Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics) 7/23/2018 DP500/2GB/80GB/10.4+9.2/R9000PRO Yes My mother found this on the side of the road. Never have we been so lucky.
HP Compaq dc5700MT 3/14/2018 E2160/4GB/160GB/XP/GMA3000 No Probably an absolute joke of a machine with its ADD2 port. Ultimately got rid of it 8 months later.
HP Compaq dc5800MT 2/21/2018 E5700/8GB/1TB/XP/GT630 No Really wish I kept this one in the long run. However, I now have a dc5800 again. It would've been of much better use later that year, though.
Sony VAIO VGN-CR510E/P 12/28/2017 T5750/4GB/250GB/7ULT/X3100 No The only pink laptop I've had. Brought it to school in February 2018 and I was nothing short of a joke. Luckily, it didn't last long as the screen broke when I got my IBM E74, and dropped the laptop. I decided not to fix this one as it was also just too far gone. Used to be my grandmother's laptop for 8 years until December 2015, so it did run in the family.
Macintosh Classic M1420 11/30/2017 68000/4MB/9.1GB/OS7.5.3/N-A Yes We used to have a babysitter for a while, and she worked as an IT manager for a couple of companies back in the day. They found this Mac Classic in storage, and decommissioned it to me. I still have it, miraculously enough... and now I need to get a proper SCSI adapter to put in a hard drive that's totally not overkill for it... I swear! Jokes aside, it's all I've got. During the last few months of High School, I had tons of old SCA-80 drives passed onto me. Yes, I actually have too many, but it's no big deal... haha.
Dell Studio XPS 8000 11/10/2017 i7-860/16GB/1TB/7ULT/1050TI No My dad got this """refurbished""" in May 2015. I got it in November 2017 and kept it for about 10 months. It didn't last long as expected.
HP Compaq tc4400 8/21/2017 T2500/3GB/160GB/VISTA/GMA950 Yes One of my favorites. Had a very long history but that's for another day. I had refurbished it with parts from another tc4400 that I borrowed from my school, and it looks just like new now.
HP Mini 5102 4/28/2017 N450/2GB/160GB/???/GMA3150 No Basically a 5103 with DDR2 and not DDR3. Didn't really bother with it either way.
HP Mini 5103 4/21/2017 N455/2GB/160GB/???/GMA3150 Yes I haven't touched this one in years and I need to look for it. I believe it still works. Came from my middle school right when they were retiring the 5103s.
HP a6000 sleeper 12/25/2016 FX8320/16GB/1TB/1050TI No My first custom build. Yes, I was one of the many people to misconstrue the AMD FX chips! Little did I know, the 8560p I replaced it with outperformed its single core performance. I technically still have the board and parts somewhere (except the case), but they're at my grandparents' house.
Gateway DX4300-15e 11/8/2016 X4-810/8GB/1TB/7ULT/GT630 No This... didn't pull through for long.
PowerBook G4 (Early 2005) 8/3/2016 1.67GHz G4/2GB/128GB/10.5/R9700M-64 No Sold on eBay for $130 on July 24th, 2017.
HP EliteBook 8560p 6/20/2016 2520M/8GB/320GB/7ULT/R6470M No Was an unexpected gift from someone who babysat the family for a while. Great machine until it stopped working.
eMac (USB 2.0) 2/16/2016 1.25GHz G4/768MB/160GB/10.5/R9200 No This is where it all started. Unfortunately it died in April 2018, and I was ordered to get rid of it.
HP EliteBook 2730p 12/25/2015 L9400/4GB/250GB/???/4500MHD No My replacement for the original 2710p I had. Got it for christmas. In March 2017, it stopped turning on. Recycled at Best Buy.
HP Pavilion a1473w 9/20/2015 P4-620/2GB/200GB/VISTA/RXP200 No Record for the longest time I've owned a computer. I've swapped different parts in here a million times, but in October 2021 I ultimately got rid of it.
HP Pavilion a6720f 9/12/2015 ???/NONE/NONE/NONE/6150SE No Found in my parents' garage. Didn't work whatsoever. Immediately gave it to a neighbor and told him to sell it off. Bad idea.
"Smart Design" SFF PC 2/??/2015 P3-866/128MB/20GB/???/??? No Got it from a psychologist's office, who now works in a different state. Didn't have a power supply and I didn't know how to work it.
HP Compaq 2710p 1/20/2015 U7600/3GB/80GB/VISTA/X3100 No The root cause of a hellspawn. However, it was a great computer for me while it lasted. Ended up "breaking it by curiosity".
HP Pavilion ze4547wm 11/8/2014 Cel4-2.4/768MB/40GB/XP/IGP340M No Passed down from my grandmother on my father's side. Painful.
HP Pavilion g4-2235dx 12/25/2012 A6-4400M/6GB/500GB/8/HD7520G No My first completely new computer. Technically it wasn't really mine as everyone in my family followed suit and used it too. It was my only first-hand experience with the average life of a consumer grade laptop. It got dropped, used so much, had its OS corrupted a few times, do I need to say more? I ultimately threw it away when the southbridge stopped working. It was simply too far gone, but I still have its CPU.
Sony VAIO PCG-K13 11/??/2011 ???/512MB/40GB/XP/IGP340M No I went full on Garret Claridge in November 2012 and destroyed this one. It was to the point where my grandfather set up a "No breaking" calendar as a bit of a reward... thing, and I got the laptop above as I didn't break anything.
Sony VAIO PCG-F650K ??/??/2011 P3-600MHz/192MB/20GB/2000PRO/RAGE No I really hate myself for this one. I destroyed it on January 6th, 2016. It was my dad's laptop and he was PISSED when he found out that I destroyed it. I used it for a good year until I accidentally deleted Windows 2000's bootloader in 2012.
Compaq Presario 12XL310 ??/??/2011 Cel600/64MB/6GB/ME/TRIDENT No This broke in comedic fashion; the computer kept bluescreening a lot and as it kept that up, the front bezel fell apart. I only remember the model because I got another one of the same spec and it was pretty much the same computer. Also, this was my first very own computer.


Do I have a problem? Yes. Am I working on it? Yes. I've recently started selling stuff on eBay.
Overall, I have had a little over 200 systems over the course of my life, and now have a third of those left. That number is likely to go down significantly as I start selling off half my inventory. Honestly, it's nothing to brag about; I just knew where to go. I have definitely missed some, but I don't really care anyway. Please, don't let this inspire you. I just felt stupid.