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Hello, and thank you for stopping by! This is where I put most of the information I write about, along with projects, blerbs on the blog, etc etc...
You may notice that the design of the website has changed, solely because A: It needed to. and B: It scales better on modern systems, while still working on a lot of older computers. Just note that you may want to install Firefox 2 if you're using something like Windows 98... I also felt like the site needed a mid-2000s look, which fits me better. Definitely feeling 2007 here... haha!

Navigation is as easy as the menu on top! Click one of the 6 buttons to explore different parts of the site!

So, what is this site exactly about?

Glad you asked! This is where I put most of the information about my projects, writeups about computers, and personal stories on my blog. I've come across as a good help resource with older computers and Macs. My writeups have helped at least a few people with certain machines and parts for them. I aim to provide good resources and information for computers both newer and older, and more niche systems too. Mainly, I work with x86 hardware, but I have also worked on PowerPC and 68k Apple computers. Yes, I know I may sound weak to the masses with the fact I haven't touched more special hardware, but hey... where are you going to find a cheap SGI workstation in this day and age?? I'd also like to mention most people do have contemporary PCs and Macs, so it's easy for me. I also do some research on old media center PCs, like HP Pavilions from the mid-2000s. Did I mention I am possibly an eMac aficionado?