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Artsy stuff

Yeah, if you didn't know, I draw. I did it pretty frequently during my last few months of High School (especially after my old bike got stolen back in march) but now I don't really do it often as I have other stuff on my plate these days.

Click on an image to display it in its full resolution. Please do not use my artwork without my permission.

Some computers (moreso much older ones) may not display the full images due to their high resolution. At maximum they are around 4000px.

2D/Hand-Drawn works

Aw hell nah, spunch bop cake "redraw"

spongebob cake

So I had this image of an AI generated "poorly done spongebob cake" in my downloads folder, and I couldn't help but fucking lose it. THE WAY IT LOOKS IS TOO HILARIOUS FOR ME TO SHUT UP ABOUT.

I just drew this on my computer with a mouse, tracing over the image. Wasn't meant to look good, but neither was that "cake".

August 19, 2022

Sexy MuMu (Sensitive: "Lightly covered")

sexy mumu-click to view

A friend gave me an idea to draw a "sexy muelsyse". I did it, on paper with pencil. Normally I don't draw sensitive/suggestive content, but I guess sometimes I feel like it. If you didn't know, Silence from Arknights is a good comfort character for me, even if I don't feel like playing AK. I knew a good amount of friends who liked the game, and I kinda just resonated with Silence for some reason.

August 3, 2022

Texas wearing the L4D2 coach outfit

texas coach

The same friend who suggested me to draw MuMu in a bikini (or whatever), also suggested me to draw this. Texas is from Columbia (AK equivalent of the US if I'm correct) and how the characters she is usually paired with are from Laterano (Exusiai) or Siracusa (Lappland). Seeing as how it was that way, it gave me the idea to draw her in the L4D2 Coach outfit, because she could go for whatever he's having.

August 3, 2022

Happy Birthday, Kanade~!

kanade birthday

I drew something for Kanade's birthday on July 28th... just a total teasebox of a rooster princess-carrying her beloved.

I actually made this one with ibisPaintX on an Apple iPad. This was before I really knew pages existed, but I'm not sure how that would go for me either way. I'm quite happy with the result of this one; it looks quite nice compared to previous works. Then of course, I still have room for improvement...

Not sure when I'll get back to doing art since I have classes now, but this was a great piece nonetheless.

July 28, 2022

[Rough sketch, suggestive] KanaMaria

kanamaria-click to view

Kanade taking Maria by total surprise. This is a rough sketch I made out of sheer brainrot. Not much to say about this one...

Did this one with the ol' reliable TC4400. Not sure if I'll ever get back to that machine now, but it does the job quite well for a few things. It was only now I realized how much a pain it could be for certain drawings, sooo... might consider picking up a newer iPad.

July 24, 2022

ATi Ruby doodle

ati ruby

As I was talking with some friends on Discord, we brought up ATi Graphics. Eventually, someone brought up Ruby and I hatched the idea to draw her in my total mish-mash of an art style.

One of my traditional/hand-drawn pieces. For some reason it's difficult to do digital, even with the right tools. Well, at least Ruby knows that nVidia "sex fairy" Dawn has no chance against her... not with an "optimistic" 32-bit shader pipeline.

July 1, 2022

Casual Adult Carol (Symphogear GX)

adult carol

I set up a poll on Twitter a long time ago on what to draw, and Adult Carol won the most votes. I will admit, I didn't think this one through too well. I felt stupid enough to give her "PS1 boobs" without even realizing it. However, the person who told me that has more grotesque takes, so whatever.

This was done on my ThinkPad X201t before I abandoned it due to a motherboard fault. I guess Lenovo should have thought twice before cramming the i5-560M into a compact tablet PC.

June 5, 2022

3D/CGI works

note: i suck at 3d modeling software so i just throw shapes together in bryce like its nobody's business

My reflections

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