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About me

Hello! I am Katheryn, also known as k24a1. I'm a nonbinary person diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, and general anxiety disorder. I have taken on a lot of interests; Said interests include working on computers both old and new, older video game consoles, mobile devices, cycling, nature, cars, and the odds and ends around town.

I am working to pursue in Computer Science and Engineering for a career considering how far my hobbies have taken me. Throughout the years, I have worked on many pieces of tech, mostly computers and mobile devices. A lot of experience I have, however, is self-taught. When I was younger, I would go on YouTube quite often; aside from the golden meme videos from the past decade and a half that I watched (and got told on for), I watched videos of people building, repairing, and showing off their old technology. One of my neighbors also hooked me up with some old info books about computers and operating systems from years past. (He died in January 2020. May you rest in peace.) I looked through a good amount of this information and was fascinated on how technology, especially older computers, came together to what we use today. Now, I work on various computers of different eras; it's great to have experience with hardware from different timelines as you never know what'll run into you.

I personally don't have too much to share, and generally I don't like to overshare either way. I'm generally more of a fan of more repairable tech, and I like to document whatever I can. Yes, I could add more like I did with the old about page, but that was a LOT of filler.

Contact information

Need to get in touch? Want me to assist you with a certain system?

e-mail: [email protected]hotmail.com
discord: k24a1#0973